In Good Company

Gising Gising was founded in April 2020 with a simple mission: fight food insecurity. We've built a model that allows us to help our customers help people who are suffering from unemployment, poverty, and other factors that lead to hunger.  Through Gising Gising, customers can help battle food insecurity just by purchasing their weekly supply of vegetables.

Removing redundancies by circumventing traditional channels in the current vegetable supply chain and redirecting unnecessary costs has enabled our social enterprise to come up with a unique sharing model that can help feed the hungry at no extra cost to our customers.

We value our communities above all things. We want to help uplift and engage them through our sharing model. Other than sharing food, we plan to continue our mission by sharing educational programs, health benefits, and employment opportunities for these communities. We are constantly on the lookout for communities to tap and we make sure we include our customers every step of the way.

We make all this possible by practicing transparency in our business. Our sourcing methods are anchored on covering local businesses. More than that, we make sure to circumvent unnecessary steps in the supply chain.

We make sure each step in our supply chain follows sustainable practices. We operate at minimal cost and with minimal waste. All packaging and materials are recyclable. Aside from that, we are committed to achieving zero food waste.